About Us

Savage Self Defense was established in 2013 by Head Instructor Emiliano Trujillo. Emiliano has a background in boxing, combatives, self defense as well as several other traditional martial arts. Studying under him as an instructor is Michael Mascarenas a 4 year student in combatives and firearms under SOCOMM as well as a student of Wing Chun under Sifu Ryan of Pueblo, Co. Emiliano and Michael also studied the art of unarmed combat from MSG Tu Lam of Ronin Tactics as well as being members of the Colorado Martial Arts Instructors Alliance, a group of Instructors and masters of several disciplines’.

We offer self defense techniques that can be utilized in real life situations. Teaching awareness and appropriate responses to a variety of situations.  Our mission is to give the average person the unfair advantage.


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Giving the average person the unfair advantage!